Exploring the Unique Toadstool Geological Park

Toadstool Geological Park is one of the top natural attractions in Nebraska. It is very famous because of its unique formations. Some look like toadstools and store valuable fossil deposits. If you have chance hiking up, you will see the signs of fossils that show you how animals from 30 million years ago behaved. But important, do not collect those scientific resources to let others enjoy the same viewing.


If you want to explore the park, hiking is the best way. A good spot to start is a one-mile interpretative loop trail where you will find a wide range of landscapes. It is quite accessible for most hikers at the start, but the halfway into the top will require you to climb up and down and around rocks and inclines. Though it is not difficult, remember that the trail is not always flat. You have to grab a printout at the trailhead before taking another step.

Want more for your exercise? There is a bison trail, a three-mile hike. It connects to the Hudson-Meng Education and Research Center. If you go farther, you will be within the vast nature.

When to visit and where to stay

You can visit the Toadstool Geologic Park anytime you want, 24 hours 7 days as it is open all year long. If you are looking for a comfortable sleep at night, make sure to book the closest hotel. But you can save more by staying at a campsite nearby within the park’s boundaries. There are six campsites provided, complete with a picnic table, fire rings and grills. Toilets are also available at the campground. To conveniently stay under the thousand stars, you must bring your own camping gear. Do not forget with drinking water as it is not included in the facilities.

Nearby attractions

1. Fort Robinson

Geological Park - Fort Robinson

It was used as US Army fort and now is open for public and better known as the major feature of Fort Robinson State Park, i.e. a recreation and historic preservation area. The declaration as a National Historic Landmark took place in 1960, where Fort Robinson and Red Cloud Agency are included within.

2. Hudson-Meng Bison Kill

Geological Park - Toadstool Geological Park

Officially known as the Hudson-Meng Education and Research Center, this fossil site features a visitor centre to display interpretive exhibits and views of the bones of more than 600 bison.

3. Nebraska National Forest

Geological Park - Nebraska National Forest

Managed by the US Forest Service’s Nebraska Forests and Grasslands Supervisor’s Office in Chadron, this area consists of two ranger districts, the Bessey Ranger District and the Pine Ridge Ranger District. The forest itself lies among four counties, Thomas, Dawes, Blaine and Sioux.

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4. Chadron State Park

Geological Park - Chadron State Park

Going to Nebraska with kids? Chadron State Park within Nebraska National Forest is a great place to have family recreation. It is open for public and 973 acres of large including a portion of the Pine Ridge escarpment and Chadron Creek. The park mostly hosts ponderosa pine and cottonwood trees.

5. Trailside Museum of Natural History at Fort Robinson State Park

Geological Park - Trailside Museum of Natural History at Fort Robinson State Park

This museum is situated in the historic Army Theater at Fort Robinson State Park where you will find many types of entertainment. But the most important attraction is a pair of 14-foot mammoth skeletons exhibition.

How to get there

The Toadstool Geologic Park sits at the western edge of Nebraska. It can be reached by car from the airport with the rental fee for just $3 per ride.

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