4 Fun Facts About Paris That You Should Know

Paris is the first destination for everyone who wants to travel abroad. It is a wonderful city great history and society. Besides as the City of Light and the City of Love, there are some fun facts about Paris that you should know.

Fun Facts about Paris That You Should Know

Paris, the City of Light and the City of Love, is not just famous for its romantic atmosphere and iconic landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum. There are fascinating fun facts about Paris that add to its allure. Here are the 4 fun facts about Paris that will amaze you!

Paris during the France Occupation

France was occupied by the army of Nazi in 1940. However, many Parisians and French rose up alongside the forces by making some confrontations. For instance, the Eiffel Tower’s elevator cables were cut by the rebels in 1941, in order to prevent Hitler visiting the tower when he visited Paris. Then he canceled climbing the tower when he knew that he should climb over 1500 stairs. During the time, the Jews sheltered in the Great Mosque of Paris and got the Muslim identity.

Paris is not the World’s Largest French Speaking City

Paris only has about 2.8 million inhabitants, so there are some other countries in the world with many more French-speaking people; they are Quebec, Montreal, and Canada. Meanwhile, the largest city with French Speaking in the world is Kinshasa, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Africa. The city has over 10 million people who are French-speaking.

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fun facts about Paris

Liberty Statue in Paris

It is not a secret that Paris also has a replica of Liberty Statue. The replica is not something that tells people that the New York’s was given by France. But it is facing the statue in New York and it represents the good friendship between French people and Americans.

The Furtive Group of Repairers

There is a furtive group of people in Paris named Les UX; meaning Urban eXperiment. The group consists of people that spend the much breaking time of them to secretly repair the historical monuments and sites. They also literally establish the underground cinemas as well as hold secret events of art. Their purpose is to increase the hidden comers into the city. The works of the organization are such as the Pantheon restoration and the establishment of restaurant and bar below the Trocadero. Because it is a secret group, then the members are secretly recruited too.

Those are the fun facts about Paris, the city of light and love. There will be much more fun when you are travelling there. To range your trip to Paris, you can book the ticket on Airpaz. There are many options for flights every day.

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