Avoid these tourist attractions Tourist Around Mount Agung Bali

Everyone who plans a trip to Bali, especially around mount Agung Bali hould beware of the warning status of  Agung mount volcanic can erupt on the island. Since 29 September 2017, the warning has been launched by the government because the crater has produced white smokes with the orange look inside.

The warning also makes some countries issued travel advice to their citizens that are going to travel to Bali, including Singapore, England, Australia, New Zealand and the United States.

You Must Avoid These Tourist Attractions Around Mount Agung Bali

Those who have been in Bali are also asked to regularly check the news updates and follow the local government’s instructions about the eruption. To avoid the dangerous areas around the volcano, don’t visit the prohibited destinations near Gunung Agung during the trip.

1. Besakih Temple

besakih temple around Mount Agung Bali

Besakih Temple (Pura Besakih) is one of the most favorite destinations in Bali. Located in about 6 kilometers from the peak of Gunung Agung, it belongs to the dangerous area and may not be visited by tourists and local people during the eruption.

2. Tulamben Beach

tulamben beach

Tulamben Beach is an exotic beach with sloping seashore. The coastline doesn’t have any sand but covered by rocks which are not sharp and slippery. So it is quite safe to walk on. The beach is popular as one of the destinations for divers. However, the beach is close to Gunung Agung so no one is allowed to do any activity around the beach.

3. Tirta Gangga

tirta Gangga around Mount Agung Bali

Tirta Gangga is one of the destinations in East Bali and mostly visited by international tourists. It offers the natural beauty of the gardens, ponds and statues. Situated in Karangasem near Gunung Agung, all tourists are prohibited to visit Tirta Gangga during the warning status of the volcano.

4. Candidasa Beach

candidasa beach

Candidasa Beach is also located in the eastern of the island, near mount Agung Bali. The beach is well-known as a great place to see the beautiful sunset view with round sun’s going down between the hills and the beautiful sea. It is also situated quite close to Gunung Agung so it is temporary closed for any visitors until the situation is quite conducive.

5. Amed Beach

Amed beach

Situated in Karangasem, Amed Beach also belongs to the locations that are predicted to get the risk of mount Agung Bali eruption. That is why the tourists are not allowed to visit the beach before the situation is safe. You should obey the government instructions even though the beach is too beautiful with the sunrise view and amazing underwater world.

The travel advice to Bali doesn’t mean will destroy your traveling plan. You still have many alternative destinations with amazing beauty throughout Indonesia. Booking the flight tickets on Airpaz and get the most special prices for thousands of destinations and don’t forget to use price alert to adjust your traveling budget.


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