Exploring Singapore: Top 5 Popular Destinations to Visit

If you are exploring Singapore and looking for the best Singapore destinations, well, there will be almost unlimited place options to explore. From a famous street with world-class brands to experiencing luxury at Marina Bay Sands and riding the roller coasters at Universal Studios, it is a complete destination. Find out everything you need to know about the best destinations to explore this Asian charm on the following page.

Must-Visit Place When Exploring Singapore

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If you plan to have a holiday in Singapore, make sure that you put the places below on your must-visit list.

Marina Bay Sands


This is the first and foremost place you have to visit in Singapore. Marina Bay Sands is a famous resort complex consisting of the ArtScience Museum and a high-end luxury hotel. Marina Bay Sands is also home to Skypark Observation Deck. This is a vintage point where a Singapore tourist can see the entire city from altitude. The Skypark also comes with an infinity pool and from here, you can see the famous Double Helix Bridge.

Universal Studios Singapore


Occupying 49 acres of land, the Universal Studios Singapore is arranged thematically. Each area in the park is dedicated to paying tribute to a film, television show, or movie location. For destination themes, the park has New York City, Madagascar, Ancient Egypt, and Hollywood.

Sentosa Island


One of the best ways to explore Singapore is by visiting Sentosa Island. Even though this small country is not exactly a beach destination, Sentosa Island will be a perfect place where you can enjoy some fun in the sun.

Aside from water attractions, tourists can also enjoy Underwater World when coming to Sentosa Island. One thing that you must see when visiting the island is Merlion. This famous statue of a lion with the body of a fish is the country’s icon.

Clarke Quay


Back in the 19th century, Clarke Quay was dubbed the center of commerce in Singapore. Being a busy hub in the era, Clarke Quay now looks more polished. Here, you can have dinner while enjoying waterfront entertainment. Not only that but Clarke Quay is also popular for its giant bungee-jumping attraction. This will be a perfect option if you want to taste a ride that can push your adrenaline while in the country.

Night Safari


If a traditional zoo is too ordinary to visit, the Night Safari in Singapore can be a great alternative for holidays. The park will allow you to learn about nocturnal lives. There will be four different habitats you can find in the Night Safari Singapore. Interestingly, each of them comes with its own trail. They are Fishing Cat Trail, East Lodge Trail, Leopard Trail, and Wallaby Trail. In this way, you can look closer at the elusive creatures that inhabit the area.

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Where to Go Shopping in Singapore


Singapore is also heaven for a shopaholic. Even if you just want to buy souvenirs for family and friends, this small nation is still one of the best shopping destinations on earth. The places below are just a few of the many great shopping destinations you can find in the country.

Orchard Road


Dubbed as one of the most popular streets in the world, Orchard Road is home to all global designer brands. Stretching as far as 2.2 kilometers, this famous road consists of complexes like Paragon and ION Orchard. Meanwhile, places like Lucky Plaza and Far East Asia that can also be found in this shopping hub are perfect options if you are looking for cheap and bargain stuff.

Chinatown Street Market


Another great place to go shopping while visiting Singapore is Chinatown Street Market. This is the place where you can have a quick taste of everything Chinese. From oriental cuisine to clothing and artwork, you can find all of them here.



Make sure that you don’t skip this largest shopping mall in Singapore from your holiday itinerary in the country. Being designed as a “lifestyle center” of this island city-state, the complex has 15 cinema screens. Here, you can also find an open-air playground, a rooftop amphitheater, and an art gallery. To refresh yourself after long hours of shopping, a plethora of bars and restaurants are there with mouth-watering cuisines and beverages.

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