Essential Things to Pack when Traveling Today

Travelling post pandemic won’t be as fun as before. There is increasing worry about coronavirus existence on the surface of every single thing you can touch along the way. Though health protocol is run in most public areas, you will still need things to pack when travelling safely.

Things to pack on a Trip

Travelling gets uneasy because of the coronavirus pandemic, known as Covid-19. It has spread throughout the globe and caused a lot of impacts on every human aspect, especially the economy. People can’t leave their house unless it is so urgent. They also have to stick with the health protocol to protect themselves from the COVID-19 contagious.

Currently, it is already deemed safe for traveling, but you must still prepare the travel kit in advance in case of accidents. You may have to fly someday because of your job. Then be sure you have the following things to pack when travelling:

Face Mask

medical face mask

Face masks are the most required stuff to wear today when you visit public places like restaurants, hotels, airports, museums, offices and so on. Make sure to have additional pieces in your bag. If it is possible, you should wear the medical face mask. But fabric mask is an acceptable substitute according to WHO. There are even many patterns and styles to choose from. This is the most important among things to pack when traveling today.

Hand Sanitizer

hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is the second most essential item to have when travelling. The better way to keep your hands clean is by washing them with water and soap. However, not every place provides a hand-washing facility. You will need the more handy personal hygiene essential, i.e. hand sanitizer to lower the risk of potential contagion. Simply whip the gel on hand after grabbing something or before touching your face. Hand sanitizer is the second most important among things to pack, do not forget it.

Disposable Gloves

disposable gloves

You can also have disposable gloves, though it is not necessary. You can’t keep them on while going from one place to another. This way, you can potentially transfer germs to the next things you touch, even your belongings. But if you put on disposable gloves, you will need to change them often just like healthcare workers do.

Disinfecting Wipes

disinfecting wipes

Have you ever thought about using disinfecting wipes? In normal life, before COVID-19, people may see you as a hygiene freak. But today, everyone will accept your behaviour when cleaning everything you are going to contact. Be sure to use ones containing no bleach so you won’t damage fabrics or surfaces.

Private Things

private things

Remember that you can’t share things with others, so always have the private ones inside your travel bag. Take for example pills you need to overcome such circumstances. Mostly, you will need vitamins to keep your body immune fit. Do not forget to bring your toiletries, although the hotel room amenities are already complete. Gadgets, pens, drinking bottles and straws are also other stuff you must only use personally.

Spare clothes

spare clothes

Travelling during a pandemic situation is not for leisure. You may have to get on the plane because of your duty as a government official, medical professional, military or other similar professions. Even so, make sure you keep spare clothes that are quite comfortable to wear anywhere you go.

Handy bag

handy bag

You will need a handy bag to keep all the necessary things to pack for COVID-19 prevention on easy reach. Facial masks, hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes are things you may use a lot during the trip.

If you want to be safer, instead of just dropping some essentials inside of the handy bag, you need a special travel kit to keep them separate from your other belongings. You can use a zippered bag and fill it with a face mask, hand sanitizer, disposable gloves and disinfecting wipes.


Ready or not, the New Normal will happen soon. Every country today is preparing this making-peace with COVID-19 era. But you can’t rely on the health protocol facilities. You must make the preventive effort by having those things packed when travelling. Buy your flight ticket via Airpaz, a safe platform to purchase your flight ticket.