Best Asia Pacific Countries to Explore in 2019

Young tourists who have full of energy need more than just sightseeing to enjoy their vacation time. They also want things that are not just entertaining but also challenging. That is why doing adventure tourism activities can offer new and different experiences to push their limits.

Adventure tourism is usually related to nature. There are a lot of things to do like hiking, diving, backpacking, climbing, etc. Most of them require physical movements, though it can also contain cultural exchange. Won’t be so much fun? Check this list of top Asia Pacific’s best countries for adventure in 2019.


Best Asia Pacific Countries to Explore Thailand
  • Thailand Multisport – It is a 10-day multisport adventure tour to explore the best spots in Thailand, including Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Mae Hong Son.
  • Active Southern Explorer – It lets you discover the southern part of Thailand within 13 days with various activities to do, including joining the cooking class.
  • Siam Adventure – Wish for some relaxing time when enjoying nature? It is the best tour in Thailand you should take that explores the central and northern Thailand.
  • Phang Nga Kayaking Adventure – Take another way to get closer to the water by setting a tent at Phang Nga Bay and go for a kayaking adventure to explore the pristine islands.
  • Samui Seascapes – Whether you want to stay active or enjoy the relaxing time, the idyllic beaches of Koh Samui is the right spot to add on to any of your tour plan in Thailand.
  • Khao Sok Treasures – Hiking and kayaking while enjoying the wildlife sightseeing in the jungle? Why not?

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New Zealand

new zealand
  • Ultimate South Island Adventure – Explore the mountains, coastlines, and countryside this island has on foot, by bike or with a paddle in your hands.
  • South Island Explorer – It is the best trip if you prefer to enjoy walking with the more flexible and relaxing pace to complete the well-formed tracks.
  • Adventure in Paradise – Discover the best-kept secrets of New Zealand in the small town of Glenorchy where you can enjoy a multisport adventure at one place you can call as paradise.
  • New Zealand Family Adventure – Do not be hesitating to take the kids with when exploring the iconic places for fun and outdoorsy adventure in New Zealand.


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  • Perth to Broome Overland – This west coast tour experience requires a moderate level of fitness because you will have to walk, hike, snorkel, and swim along the wildly beautiful coast.
  • Taste of Tasmania – Discover various attractions in Hobart, enter the Gondwanan, hike on in Cradle Mountain, and watch Little Penguins just like a little old Tassie.
  • Red Centre Adventure – Witness the well-known color changes of Uluru yourself and other amazing landscapes of domes and canyons this desert has.
  • Eyre Peninsula Overland – It is one of best natural escapes in Australia where you will find a number of land and ocean with the stunning Flinders Ranges and other water activities of local wildlife.


  • Mount Pulag in Luzon – It is the best spot to enjoy mountain hikes where you will battle with the windy weather and freezing temperatures to reach the summit.
  • Danao Adventure Park – Enjoy various physical activities like caving, rappelling, kayaking, and rock climbing at this location.
  • El Nido Boat Trip – Explore El Nido and other smaller islands that really offer a lot of unique attractions.
  • Palawan’s Subterranean River and Cave – This place lets you have an unforgettable adventure experience by exploring the longest underground river in the globe.
  • Coron Adventure – Visit the hidden world under the water within the few wrecks from the Second World War in Coron.

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  • Indoor skydiving – iFlySingare at Sentosa island offers the thrilling skydiving experience in a safe environment.
  • Water adventure – Explore Cove Waterpark at Sentosa Island and meet thousands of friendly fishiness through 14 themed zones.
  • Forest Obstacles – Challenge your muscles by completing all obstacles and fully exciting activities at Bedon Reservoir Park.
  • Shootout at night – Too easy to target your enemies under the sunlight? Find out if you can also shoot them at night by playing the game offered by Red Dynasty Paintball Park.
  • Watersports – Surrounded by the sea, Singapore has many great spots above and under the water to explore with various activities like kayaking, scuba diving, snorkeling, and even standing-up paddle.

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  • Tandem Skydiving – This one of the best things to do in Kuala Lumpur is available for skydivers from all levels.
  • Scuba Diving – A lot of islands offer spectacular scuba diving spots like Sipadan Island, Sibuan Island, Layang-layang Island and so on.
  • Water Rafting – Blessed with a number of rivers, Malaysia also offers tourist to take part in the challenging water rafting tours with the specified levels from beginners to experts.
  • Trekking – Explore and conquer the popular nest peaks in Malaysia like Mount Kinabalu, Mount Jerai, Mount Gayong, and Mount Ledang.

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  • Bali Cycle Adventure – Train your muscles by cycling on small trails through the forests, rice fields, and coconut groves with the amazing landscapes around.
  • Volcanoes of East Java – Visit the world heritage of Borobudur in the Central of Java and explore the well-known volcanic Mount Bromo in East Java.
  • Sumatra Jungle Trek – Experience the incredible trip to explore many attractions in Sumatra, including Bukit Lawang, Lake Toba, Sibayak volcano, and its pristine rainforests.

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  • Cycling – Join the group of cyclists to explore villages and natural attractions out of town in Vietnam.
  • Hiking – If you can’t ride a bike, then you may want to get involved in a hiking tour.
  • Trekking and Climbing – These two activities are also challenging to make your days in exploring the nature of Vietnam.
  • Multi activities – If you have more days to spend on the trip, you are able to book a tour with multi-adventure activities.

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  • Kumano Kudo Self-Guided Hike – Enjoy the peace by hiking up yourself through the beautiful forests where you will find a Shinto shrine on Nachi Mountain, Kumano Nachi Taisha.
  • Hike Japan’s Ancient Capitals – Guide yourself to find the way to the village of Asuka and historic Nara.
  • Snow Monkeys – Watch the snow monkeys enjoying their bathing time in hot springs in Nagano.

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Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka
  • Kitulgala – Ride the waves of the powerful Kelania Ganga river while enjoying the bird watching.
  • Hikkaduwa – Experience the magic of deep sea of Hikkaduwa and discover its secret marine life.
  • Corbett’s Gap – Hike to the well-known Nitro Caves and explore the jewel of the Indian Ocean.

Spending a vacation is not always about lying on the beach under the warm of sunshine or watching the sun setting while taking your dinner. You can make it more exciting by having adventurous experiences like hiking, cycling, trekking, climbing, and so on. Choose your country destination and book the flight at


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