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Effective Ways to Stay Productive when Working from Home

The challenge of working at home is to conquer our laziness and to get out of our comfort zone. Usually home is the place for taking a rest and gathering with the family, but this time, during the pandemic, you have to work from home as your company instructed. Here are effective ways to stay productive when you work from home.

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ramadan fasting tips

Tips on How to Get the Most Out of Ramadan Period

Ramadan is always celebrated happily by Muslims around the world. There are various spiritual activities including fasting which become the routines and habits in Ramadan every year. Although it has some routines which need to be done in every Ramadan, as a Muslim you need to get the most out of Ramadan. It is possible to accomplish everything you set for a month and it becomes all Muslim’s dream. They will maximize their Ramadan for reaching the blessings from God through this month.

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Simple and Unique Gifts for Valentine’s Day

February 14th is the day for most couples to celebrate their love with a romantic dinner, watching a movie in the cinema, or visiting their partner’s home. But for you who are in the long-distance relationship and live in a different island or country, hard to do isn’t?

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Coronavirus Prevention Efforts When Traveling

The spread of the coronavirus that began in the city of Wuhan in China makes the world worry. Even coronavirus has been spread in Indonesia. This virus is thought to originate from the consumption of wild animals which is sold freely in the Wuhan market and this virus spreads through the air. The ability of this virus to kill is extraordinary and the symptoms are like the common cold.

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