Things to Know Before Traveling to Korea


Traveling abroad like South Korea makes you should prepare all things perfectly, including learning about the local people and their culture, the weather, as well as thing that you can do as long as the holiday. Continue Reading

Travel Destinations Based On Zodiac Signs


Traveling will be more enjoyable since the place offers perfect attractions like what you love. Then it might be important to consider destinations that are suitable with your zodiac signs, since zodiac also influences someone’s characters and what kind of trip they like. However, if you don’t believe in zodiac prediction, some ideas below may give some vacation inspirations. Continue Reading

Things To Do When Natural Disaster Happens While You Traveling

Source: amta

Source: amta

The natural disaster is something that can happen anytime and anywhere, including when you are traveling to one of the world’s most favorite destinations. Like the natural disasters happened recently such as Hurricane Irma, Hurricane Harvey, Mexico earthquake, Bali volcano eruption, etc. Many experts advise preparing the trip ahead perfectly, including how to keep safe from natural disasters. Continue Reading

The Most Effective Suitcase Packing Tips


Packing is very important to make it effective and useful when you are traveling. Make sure you have packed the luggage well with all items organized perfectly, nothing is left and it is also effective and not too heavy. Continue Reading

The Best Place to Travel Alone as a Woman in Asia

Source: allwomensites

Source: allwomensites

It’s not a problem if decide to travel alone as a woman. It will be easy, grow your self-confidence and independence, and you don’t have to worry about the safety. Well, Asia is one of the best destinations for female solo travelers and it has the world’s safest countries. Some countries below are the best place to travel alone as a woman in Asia. Continue Reading