sosial distancing

Social Distancing: Meaning and Effect

The social distancing term has been popular recently due to the Coronavirus spread. It is conducted together with the lockdown policy in some countries. Since the pandemic, this particular method is chosen due to clinical epidemiological studies, personal clinical experience, and mathematic modeling, which show that it is going to decrease the impact. 

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coronavirus patient in world

List of Countries with Most Infected Patient from Coronavirus (Last Update 16 April 2020)

The most affected countries of Coronavirus in Asia and Europe have been revealed. The data was based on Pharmaceutical Technology after the WHO declared Coronavirus as the global pandemic. From the list, mostly European countries that have the highest number of Coronavirus cases worldwide. From the top 15, 11 of them are European countries. That is to say, the countries are dangerous to visit. Avoid traveling there. Here are the top countries with the most infected patients of Coronavirus.

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effect of coronavirus

The Fatal Effect of Coronavirus on Tourism is predicted until 2021

Coronavirus is a pneumonia-like disease that comes from China and has been affected across the Asian continent. The effects are not only the disease but also to the business and travel. The causes might vary. It is mentioned because of the unsafely, the weather, or the tourism resorts. How fatal is actually the effect of coronavirus to the travel business and tourism? Does it effect worldwide for a long time?

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Passport Power and Its Significance

The Passport Power Rank and Its Significance for the Countries

Based on the Henley Passport Index some passports of countries in Asia have become the most powerful tool to enter the countries mentioned without visa approval. This phenomenon reveals the fact that the position European passports shuffled down the passport power rankings. Asian countries are led by Japan and Singapore on top position and took over the positions of Germany and Finland.

In summary, the Japanese people may enter 191 countries with or without visa due to its leading position for three years. What are the most powerful passports and what their benefit to the owners?

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