Visit Boracay Island another Day


Boracay Island is closed for six months. It is one of the hottest news of the past two weeks. All media have reported this quite shocking issue. If it is where you want to go to spend the next holidays, you should re-arrange the plan. Continue Reading

Bali Airport to Close for 24 Hours for Nyepi on Saturday

Ngurah Rai Airport

Bali, with their biggest population of Hindu people, celebrates a special holiday named Nyepi every year. It is the Hindu Day of Silence that comes this Saturday. Hindu people may not do any activity during the holiday, may not go out from home, no cooking, no watching TV, no phone calling and internet access or any other common daily activities. For this reason, Bali Ngurah Rai International Airport doesn’t operate during the silence day. It will be closed for 24 hours from any activity. Continue Reading

Changi Airport Opens Modern Digital Technology at Terminal 4



Changi Airport Singapore recently opens their new Terminal 4 that has been fully featured by modern digital technology. The check-in the system has been completely automated and featured by facial scanning as well as baggage drop points that have been all computerized. It’s modern digital technology but some passengers look getting difficulty when they have to do facial scanning with new digital technology. Continue Reading

Singapore Becomes the Most Powerful Passport Now


Since Paraguay decided to remove the requirements of visa from the passport holders from Singapore. The Singaporeans don’t need a visa anymore when they want to travel to Paraguay. It also means that Singapore Passport has been officially the most powerful passport in the world now. Continue Reading