Get to Know Taj Mahal, One of the Seven Wonders of the World

Being known as the major attraction of India, the Taj Mahal sends us shivers to know this complex houses a tomb, made by an emperor in memory of his deceased wife. It is a renowned tourism spot that if you don’t visit while in India, you shouldn’t tick your ‘Visiting India’ bucket list. Even this building area has been considered as one of the Seven Wonders of the World.

The Wondrous Taj Mahal: Built on a True Love Sag


Pink-like in the morning, golden-drenched when the moon shines, milk-white by the evening, these colors represent how the Taj shows its various ‘moods’ depending on what time you see the building. It isn’t even right to say it as just ‘building’—many will call this a tomb, yet it would sound a bit petrifying. Many call it as mausoleum, which sounds just right.

You must have seen how the Taj Mahal is portrayed: a mosque-like building with a reflecting pool dividing the pathway. Fountains are on it as if emphasizing the beauty of the mausoleum with soft-colored pure marble. In it, rest the late Persian-descent Queen and Her Emperor of the Mughal Dynasty—Shah Jahan.

The mausoleum is built after the passing of Mumtaz Mahal, the Empress of the Mughal Dynasty. She was known for having a deep love for the Emperor, despite being the third wife of the Emperor. With her gracefulness and compassion, it’s no wonder that the Emperor put the same amount of love to her, even considering her as a perfect wife.
Following her body burial in the Taj, the Emperor himself was buried ‘under the same roof’. Such a surreal romantic, but that’s the fact and the mausoleum is there to frame the beauty of this saga.

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What’s Inside the Building


Countless picturesque architectural attractions come as the reason why you must visit this place. Taj Mahal is not merely tomb and a set of minarets. There are five main elements that you can visit while being here: the main gateway, the garden, mosque, the jawaab (a building that mirrors the mosque), and finally, the mausoleum and its minarets.

The gateway

There are five entrances to the Taj Mahal mausoleum complex, but the notable gateway is the Southern one. Notable from having the red-brick main gateway, get introduced to how the Mughal architecture is heavily applied with this and that Persian architecture tags along. In its southern gateway, for example, the use of red sandstone is combined with various use of pietra dura (semiprecious stones) and the incorporation of Arabic calligraphy.

The garden

As you walk more, you will reach the classic Mughal garden. This will involve the presence of long pool with fountains on it. On its left and right, there are walking paths and decorative trees. The pools are reflecting the mausoleum, making it a beautifully arranged garden that suits the taste of noble people.

The mosque and the jawaab

Walk more and you’ll meet two symmetrical buildings placed somewhere on the north corners of the Taj Mahal mausoleum. These are the jawaab and the mosque, which are facing west and east consecutively. This balance keeps the all architectural complex remains aesthetic.

Made as a twin building but not with the same use, both jawaab and the mosque are built from red Sikri sandstone. To complete the luxury touch, the buildings are also domed with marble architraves. So, the color of these buildings will be contrasting with the mausoleum’s marble white.

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The mausoleum

Finally, the remaining main attraction of Taj Mahal India is the mausoleum itself. The mausoleum has four minarets, one on each corner. Entering the site, you will see the main hall where you can adore the glam of Mughal architecture—colorfully elegant.

The most important part of this main building is the two empty cenotaphs. The cenotaphs are built with lots of inlaid semi-precious gemstones. The cenotaph may be adorned to its maximum, yet the graves, beneath the burial chamber, remain unadorned. This is simply to obey the Islam tradition, which basically forbids decorating graves.

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How to Go to Taj Mahal


Taj Mahal site is situated in Agra, which is also known as the Taj Mahal city. This city is located in Uttar Pradesh, which is located in the northeastern part of India.

Now you may wonder how to get to the Taj Mahal site. Relax a bit and sip your juice, you can go to this city through several methods. First, you can go there by car, which takes you around 3 hours tackling 200+ km. If you love to go by train, the option is also possible, too. Through this method, you only need to set around 2 hours to get to Agra.
Another option to choose from is to catch a bus. This could be an uncomfortable option for you, so consider taking a bus only if you have nothing but this method to use.

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