Travel to 6 Entertaining Spots around Don Mueang Airport!

You’re stuck in Don Mueang Airport and don’t know what to do. It’s understandable if you’ll get bored, but don’t worry! You can still make the most of your time by visiting Bangkok or exploring entertaining spots around Don Mueang Airport. Let’s get going!

A Brief Introduction to Don Mueang Airport

Officially called Don Mueang Airport, it’s located about 20km away on the north of downtown Bangkok. The airport is known as the former international airport in the city and even one of the oldest in the world. However, now it turns to be a domestic transportation hub for low-cost airlines like Nok Air, Thai AirAsia, Thai Lion Air, and New Gen Airways.

Enjoy a Splendid Travel around Don Mueang Airport

One of the factors that make Don Mueang Airport stay busy is the low-cost flights, especially to the domestic and regional destinations. Budget-friendly transportation is what everyone wants when taking a trip, be it for business or vacation.

Regarding the long layover at Don Mueang Airport, you can spend the time to visit the local tourist attractions.

1. Central World Mall

Entertaining Spots around Don Mueang Airport

Opened in 1990, Central World Mall is recognized as one of the biggest shopping malls in Thailand. it is situated in Bangkok, hosting over 900 shops where you can find branded clothes, perfume and jewellery salons. Not only for shopping, but this place is also a great place to have some leisure entertainment time watching movies or playing with kids.

2. Bangkok city

Bangkok City

Bangkok is one of the visited cities by tourists around the globe. However, its geographical location warns everyone with the danger of flooding, giving it known as a sinking city. The main reason is the use of underground waters which makes the soils sag. But still, you can enjoy the city sightseeing tour when the weather is fine with no much rain.

3. Black ivory coffee farm

Black Ivory Coffee Farm

Have you ever tasted Black Ivory coffee? If you are in Bangkok, you should visit the farm and see how this unique coffee is produced. Walking on the paths with coffee trees at your surrounding is quite interesting. But the best stage of the production process is the elephants. This giant animal has the key role to clean the coffee beans through their stomachs. You can figure out where it would end then. It looks like how the Luwak coffee is produced. It needs 33kg of coffee beans to get one-kilogram coffee.

4. Sky Bar

Sky Bar

The State Tower hosts a world known bar on the roof of its 63 stores. Enjoy the relaxing time in the open air, getting the city view from the best spot. You can also listen to live music or even participate in the thematic activity.

5. Bang Na Expressway

Bang Na

Officially opened in February 2000, Bang Na Magistrale becomes one of the longest bridges in the world. Its wonderful construction consisted of three lanes in each direction, offering gorgeous views open onto the city.

6. Hua Hin Station

Hua Hin Station

The traditional construction style makes Hua Hin Station attractive among visitors. It was built in 1911, hosting trains to Bangkok and other cities in Thailand. the red and yellow wooden buildings stand surrounded by trees and plants are quite interesting as the background of your photo taking session. Do not forget to buy some thematic souvenirs at the store close by.

You actually can still find some facilities to use during the layover in the airport. If you are just fine to sleep anywhere, you can take advantage of an upright chair. However, for more convenient rest, you should book a room of Amari International Airport Bangkok Hotel. Do not forget to have some stomach fillers at a range of food courts and coffee shops inside the airport.

Embark on a memorable journey around Don Mueang Airport. Explore nearby attractions, savor delicious local cuisine, and indulge in exciting shopping experiences. Don’t forget to book your flight tickets and accommodations with Airpaz for a hassle-free travel experience. Start planning your adventure now!


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