Trip to the Rainbow Waterfall Malaysia

Rainbow Waterfall Lembing is one of the beautiful features had by the amazing rainforest of Malaysia. Located in Sungai Lembing, an old mining town on Peninsular Malaysia’s east coast, it is great spot to see for those who love adventure and enjoy the natural beauty of the jungle.

The name Rainbow Waterfalls given because it really shows rainbows whenever the sunshine hits the waterfall; commonly at 9 to 10 AM every morning. The short time of rainbow visibility makes all visitors should arrange a strict timing tour so they can arrive at the waterfall in time to see the beautiful rainbows.

How to Go to the Rainbow Waterfall

Rainbow Waterfall

From Kuala Lumpur, travelers should go to Pahang’s capital city called Kuantan. It passes through the East Coast Highway and takes about 3 hours of driving. After reaching Kuantan, then the journey continues to Sungai Lembing town; an old mining town where the waterfall is located.

Because of the rainbow is only visible in the morning, travelers should make sure that they can reach the waterfall location before 9 AM. That is why most visitors commonly stay at the town one night before the tour. So they can start the tour earlier in the morning.

The jungle paths and roads to the waterfall location demand the travelers ride a 4×4 vehicle, so the journey will always run well. It is great to join the tour so you can get into the waterfall on time. It will also make you enjoy the journey more because they know all the beauties to enjoy along the way.

Rainbow Waterfall Entrance Fee

To be able enjoying the beauty of the waterfall, you should pay the entrance fee at the forest reserve fee RM10. However, if you book the tour in a resort or travel agent, the fee is about RM50 and it has been including the entrance fee to the forest.

Attractions Rainbow Waterfall

In the journey to Rainbow Waterfall Malaysia with a tour, visitors will start it by having breakfast. Then the tour starts at 6 AM. When the car has arrived in the jungle on the peak of the sandy hill, it becomes the first stop where the visitors can see the beautiful view of the sunrise from the high place.

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Then the journey continues with an off-road adventure on the 4×4 pickup truck, passing the river, muddy roads, and streams. The off-roading is over in 45 minutes, then visitors continue to trek the jungle for about 45 minutes too until they find the Rainbow Waterfall Lembing. Enjoying the waterfalls and the beautiful view are the main things to do at the waterfall. You can check promo flight on Airpaz. Happy traveling!


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