The Best Itinerary for Japan Autumn Vacation? Check Here!

Interested in Japan autumn vacation? When the time comes, some places in this country will look more stunning with shades of colors like yellow, brown, red, and green from the charming leaves there.

Besides that, the valleys surrounding the mountains also display breathtaking views. The 18 degrees of temperature also makes the most of the holiday in Japan. If you are interested in enjoying the autumn holiday in the land of the rising sun, you can add an itinerary plan as a traveling reference.

Japan Autumn Vacation Itinerary

You can actually find a number of vacation packages to Japan this autumn with varied prices, facilities, and services, as well as travel schedules. However, you can make your own plan which is not difficult to do. Here is a three-day itinerary in Japan on autumn that can be a reference:

  • Day One

After arriving in Tokyo, Japan, you can go to either a hotel or a guest house. In this case, you should book the lodging far in advance to make sure that you get a comfortable, safe lodging service at a reasonable price. Choose the one which has easy access to the tourist destinations you are going to visit. It is very important you can make the most of your time for this itinerary.

You can start exploring the city of Tokyo after a short break. The first thing you do is visit Ueno Park, a large size park in the city. You will be able to enjoy the beauty of autumn there. When evening arrives, continue the trip to Asakusa to visit the very famous Senso-Ji Buddhist temple.

Then, you can enjoy walking or shopping in the traditional market on Nakaimase Street. Make a further trip to the Sumida River. Do not forget to take a photo with Tokyo Skytree which is known as the most stunning and highest signal transmission tower in the city.

Japan Autumn Vacation in Kyoto
  • Day Two

After having breakfast, you can start the second-day itinerary by visiting Lake Kawaguchiko Fuji with 2.5 hours of the trip. It is better to rent a car to get there. You will be able to enjoy the lake atmosphere this autumn with the background of Mount Fuji.

Next, you can stop by the traditional village called Iyashi no Sato, which is located at the foot of Mount Fuji. After enjoying the beauty of the mount from various sides, you are able to continue the trip to Gotemba Premium Outlets. It is the largest outlet in the Fuji region.

  • Day Three

The third day of the itinerary tour can be filled by circling Tokyo using the MRT. The first destination is Ginza which is the largest shopping center in the city. You can buy various branded products both locally and internationally.


After enjoying the shopping tour, you are able to continue the journey to Harajuku. It is a very famous fashion center in Tokyo. For those who want to shop for a number of souvenirs, you should not forget to stop by Harajuku Takeshita Street.

Traveling around Tokyo is still ongoing. This time, you are heading to Shibuya, the area with the largest youth population in Japan. You can buy things or simply take photos with the background of the Hachiko statue and Shibuya Crossing.

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Holidays in Japan in autumn are turned out to be quite exciting and fun. You can start organizing the vacation plan. Things to not be missed are to order the flight tickets as soon as possible. You can take the advance of the Airpaz best service. You are able to get the latest flight ticket offers by taking into account the feature of price alerts from Airpaz.


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