Enjoy the Breathtaking Views on the Funicular Gelmerbahn

The Gelmerbahn (also known as the Gelmer Funicular in English) is a well-known open-air funicular ride in Central Switzerland’s Haslital area. It is one of the must-visit places in the world for those who like to travel and get different travel experiences. The Gelmerbahn, made famous by a viral video a few years ago, is now a must-see attraction that attracts crowds from June to October, eager to enjoy its steep ascent and magnificent mountainscape backdrops.

A bit of the history of the Funicular Gelmerbahn


Before you travel to Gelmerbahn, you need to learn more about the history of the Gelmer funicular. While the Gelmerbahn was once the steepest funicular in Europe, the new Stoos funicular marched up in 2017 to claim the title.

Originally built-in 1926 to transport construction materials for the dam up top, the Gelmerbahn can now transport up to 24 passengers at a time on one of the country’s most distinctive open-air excursions.

The funicular runs from Handegg (50 minutes from Interlaken, 1.5 hours from Bern or Lucerne) to Gelmersee, a beautiful turquoise lake that you’ll want to drink like Gatorade. The voyage takes just over 10 minutes and moves at a leisurely pace of 2 meters per second. Fearful cats like me, on the other hand, will sense it! The track has a 106 percent gradient at its sharpest point, and there are times when you can’t tell what’s coming next (especially if you’re going down).

What is the Gelmersee funicular and what is the Gelmerbahn funicular?

Beautiful view of Gelmersee funicular

Gelmersee is a man-made reservoir in the Swiss Alps that is located at the top of a mountain. Yes, that magnificent lake with its brilliantly colored water is entirely man-made. The Gelmer funicular was used to transport workers up the mountain to construct the reservoir. It used to be the steepest funicular in the world, but the Stoos funicular (also in Switzerland) currently holds that title. However, the Stoos funicular is enclosed, which I think would be claustrophobic. Gelmer is open-air, allowing for breathtaking vistas.

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Worth the Experience or Not?


This was one of my favorite activities during my recent trip to Switzerland, especially because I chose to climb around Gelmersee for two hours and then walk back down to the parking lot. This additional climb was always scenic, and if you don’t want to pay the funicular’s return cost, I would recommend it. The ride is reasonably priced in Switzerland, at 16CHF one-way per adult, as compared to other (far shorter) rides. If you’re looking for a truly unique way to discover the Swiss highlands while doing some light hiking, taking the Gelmer Funicular is an unforgettable way to spend the day.

What is the best way to travel to the Gelmerbahn Funicular?


On Google Maps, I had a hard time finding the Gelmerbahn Funicular. To avoid any confusion, it’s on Route 6 south of Innerkirchen and Guttannen and north of the Grimsel Pass. It takes around two hours to get there from Lausanne, which is a lovely destination to spend the day. You must take note that this place is closed during the winter season. Those of you who want to come in a group must first make a reservation.

How to Buy a Ticket?

• Buy Directly the Ticket
You can also buy the ticket on the day from the ticket office on site. Each tour has a set time limit and can only accommodate 24 people at a time.I went during the August school vacation and showed up without making a reservation. However, I did arrive at 9 a.m. and was able to get in before two large coachloads of people arrived.

It could be worthwhile to make a reservation! In 2017, a round-trip ticket cost CHF 32 for adults and CHF 16 for children (6–16). Children under this age are probably free, but they would still require a seat. Please confirm ahead of time if very young children or newborns are permitted, as there is a risk of falling. If you arrive late, your seats will be sold—this occurred to multiple people as we waited, and they were very rigorous about it. The tickets are non-refundable and non-exchangeable. They expect you to be on time in Switzerland.

• Buy via online
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