Muh Koh Poda, the Serene Island with Natural Beauty

Travelling to Thailand has its own benefits and challenges. Some areas and always packed and busy while others can offer you a quieter travelling opportunity. If you want to spend some time on the beach and yet you don’t want to get absorbed in the hustle and bustle of the big cities, you can always go to Muh Koh Poda. The area is known for its amazingly clear water and white sandy beach. So, if you are ready to set on a new exploration, let’s head to the island, shall we?

The Beautiful Island

Muh Koh Poda - The Beautiful Island

Finding beautiful islands in Thailand is pretty easy because thee are so many of them. Some are crowded while some are quiet. For this one, Muh Koh Poda is known for the blue water and white sandy beach. And you can also enjoy the relaxed atmosphere while taking pictures here and there. This island is easily accessible from Krabi so make sure you put it into a list when you are visiting Krabi.

If you come to the island, your dream of a peaceful island with clear water and soft sands is real – it’s in front of you! Sure, the island isn’t exactly very quiet and peaceful because you will meet other tourists while you are there. But it is a guarantee that you will love the place.

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Reaching the Island

Muh Koh Poda - Reaching the Island

Using the boat is your only way to reach the island. From Ao Nang beach, you should be able to find the ticket booth for the boat ride. By using the longtail boat, you pay 300 baht for a person. The trip itself will take 25 minutes. Once you buy the ticket, wait near the boat. A boat can accommodate 6 people to 8 people. You shouldn’t wait too long for the boat to finally fill up and ready to depart.

Once you arrive at the island, be prepared to pay for a sum of fee. It’s a visitor fee because the island is a part of Mu Koh Phi Phi National Park. Foreigners will be charged 100 baht per person, while the locals will be 40 baht a person. You won’t regret paying for the entrance fee, really, because the trip to this island is really worth it.

The park ranger will be responsible for collecting the fee. They are usually waiting at the arrival spot. Be advised that boat service stops at 4 PM so you can only enjoy your visit to 3 PM. If you want to enjoy the entire area, it is advisable to go early in the morning. You should set off at 9 AM or at least 10 AM so you will have enough time exploring the island and have an enjoyable time. Most visitors like walking around the island where they often find interesting things – good photo spot, beautiful view, etc.

Activities to Do at the Island

Muh Koh Poda - Activities to Do at the Island

You can basically do things that you generally do when going to the beach. Feel free to snorkel, swim, or stroll around. You can sunbathe and enjoy the view from a shady place. Some people may wander off closer to the arrival spot. But if you walk along the beach and reach the end of it, you can actually find interesting spots for pictures. You can even have Koh Tub or Koh Kai as the background. Isn’t it cool or what?

If you come to the drop-off spot, there are small shops selling beer and drinks. You can also find a restaurant in case you are hungry. Can you stay on the island? There is a bungalow resort on this island, known as Poda Island Resort. However, it doesn’t have any internet connection. And the electricity only runs between 6 PM and midnight. If these things don’t bother, you can always spend a night there.

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A word of advice, though. Things can be great in Thailand especially if you are coming at the right time. But if you choose travelling in the wrong weather, it can be dreadful. It is advisable that you check for the weather condition before you make your reservation. If you are ready to come to this spot, reserve your flight at Airpaz to get the best deal.

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