Tips To Apply For a Visa And Pass The Interview

Are you visiting another country next month? Depending on the country, you may need a visa. Here are some tips from Airpaz to help you obtain your visa faster and pass the interview.

Steps on How to Apply For a Visa


Knowing your purpose of visit

You need to know the purpose of your visit because it will determine what kind of visa you need to apply for. Are you going there as a tourist, doing business or something else?

Getting a recommendation latter from a doctor (if needed)

You can go to a doctor and check on your health. And if you are a pataient who is seeking for an overseas doctor, you are going to need a letter of recommendation from a local doctor.

Preparing a bank statement for your visa and pass

Whether you are working or not, you need to prepare a bank statement. It can be yours or your parent’s or guardian’s.

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Checking your passport’s expiry date

No embassy will give you a visa if your passport is going to be expired in 6 months. If you need to extend your passport, do it before applying for a visa.

Buying round trip tickets and state your accommodation during your stay overseas

you have to buy round trip tickets and tell the embassy officer about your accommodation. it can be a hotel, or your family’s and friend’s place. Please write down the complete address.

Taking a picture

If you are going to take a picture, choose the right background color and photo size. Please wear formal clothing too. Say “Cheese” !

Checking for another legal documents requirements

Every country has slighly different requirements when it comes to applying for a visa. Check on the internet before applying is a wise idea.

Applying and preparing all the right documents

Nowadays, you can apply for a visa online. After getting an email, you can go and give the embassy all the documents. Please bring all the needed documents or you might have to come back again.

Be early for an interview

If you know that there will be a lot of people who are applying for the same visa as yours, better be an early bird.

Be proper and honest

When you are being interviewed by an officer, be proper and honest. If you have any hidden malicious intention, don’t bother applying you will be rejected upon interview.

If you you frequently go overseas especially to Australia, America, or Eurpe, you have a high chance to obtain a visa. Having no bad record also helps.

Are you ready to applying for a visa? You can do it !

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