Waiting at Kota Kinabalu Airport, Accessing the Services

Waiting at the airport without doing anything can be… well, pointless and boring. When you have to wait for several hours, it is always best to have something to do. The same thing also goes when you wait at Kota Kinabalu Airport. You have the options to wait at the airport or go out.

Waiting inside the Airport

Kota Kinabalu Airport - Waiting inside the Airport

If you only have several hours of layover, you can access some of the services. For instance, every airport has its own food and dining areas with more than one option for the restaurant or stalls. If you are in terminal 1 or 2, you have the access to choose whatever foods (or drink) to consume. There are Starbucks, KFC, McDonald’s, and much more.

Feeling bored and wanting to go window-shopping? Forget to buy some souvenirs for all the people at home? No need to worry. There are some shops and stores where you can buy your items. You can go to the duty-free shops and buy all of the things you want or needs.

What if you are tired and you want to rest? You can always go to hotels. There are some hotels that are close to the airport. They are pretty affordable and they can be rented by the hours. Or if you want to, you can spend a night to refresh yourself. If you stay at the hotels, you can take a bath and have a more relaxed time.

If you are short on the funds, sleeping in the airport is possible – and it is allowed. You only need to find benches without arms so you can sleep well. Be prepared, though, because the situation may not be as comfortable as you want. You need to at least have a blanket or a jacket, earplugs, and eye masks. You can sleep on the upper floor, which is warmer and quieter, or at the ground floor that is cooler and noisier (and busier too).

Some of the lounges offer nice services with an exchange of some admission fees. Not only you can enjoy the WiFi service, but you can also take a shower. Basically, you will have a more relaxing time there. If you want to take a shower, go to Plaza Premium lounges. Ask the staff whether you are allowed to access the service.

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More Facilities

Kota Kinabalu Airport - More Facilities

Travelling with a baby? Need a space to change the diaper or to freshen the baby up? There is a baby care room at the Departure Hall on the second floor. Or if you need to charge your mobile devices, there are two charging stations. One is on the second floor on the Departure Hall and one is on the third floor on the Public Concourse.

The clinic is located on the first floor of the Public Concourse so if you aren’t feeling well, you should head there. The pharmacy isn’t far from it. What about the Muslim travellers who want to follow their praying time? They can make use of the prayer rooms that are located on each floor –from the first floor to the third. Want to smoke so bad? The smoking lounge is located at the International Departure on the third floor.

Going outside the Airport

If you decide to go out of the airport, you can take part in the tour services available at the airport. You can find the booth or stall there and they offer different kinds of packages – generally covering the most popular destinations and areas. You can talk to them about which package to choose.

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Waiting at the airport doesn’t have to be dreadful or horrible. In fact, it can be a nice experience if you know how to reveal it. Have a plan to visit Malaysia for your next holiday? Don’t forget to plan ahead. Go to Airpaz to manage your flights. You can also choose some air carriers like Air Asia or Malaysia Airlines.


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