Ayam Geprek, Indonesia’s Iconic Student Budget-Friendly Food!

You can easily find a variety of chicken meals in Indonesia. One of the unique meals made from a chicken you should try is Ayam Geprek or smashed chicken. So, what kind of dish is it? Read the explanation below if it is your first time knowing about ayam Geprek or smashed chicken. Indeed, it seems that you can’t wait to visit Indonesia and taste this dish after reading this information.

The History of Ayam Geprek or Smashed Chicken


At first, Indonesian people love to eat crispy chicken and sambal. This meal is so satisfying when eating it with rice. As time goes by, people want to taste and get new eating experiences. Then, they start to smash the crispy chicken in a mortar with sambal.

Geprek means smashed or crushed. Originally, this menu originated from Yogyakarta. So, the texture of the chicken is similar to the crispy fried chicken you find at American fast-food stalls. The taste is unique because it uses Indonesian sambal.

Ayam Geprek Recipe


Finding Ayam Geprek is easy nowadays. It is one of the most popular street foods in Indonesia. People love this dish because of its delicious taste and cheap price. You can get this dish at Rp.14.000 or higher depending on where you buy it. A package of Ayam Geprek contains smashed chicken, sambal, rice, tomato, and cucumber slices.

Indeed, you can try to cook ayam geprek at home. The ayam geprek recipe below helps you to cook this dish just like what you see in restaurants or street food stalls.

– Crispy Fried Chicken
– 250 grams chicken fillet boneless thigh
– 1 egg
– 100 grams of potato flour or cornstarch
– 1 tbsp paprika powder or chili powder
– Salt and pepper
– 50 grams shredded mozzarella
– Vegetable oil for frying

Sambal :
– 10 pieces of chilies
– 2 cloves garlic
– 2 tbsp vegetable oil

The Instructions to Make Ayam Geprek
Slice the chicken and season them with salt and pepper and let them for a few minutes. Now, prepare a bowl and mix the cornstarch and egg. Season this mixture with salt, pepper, and paprika powder. Take the chicken and gently dip them into the cornstarch mixture. Then, put the chicken into the beaten egg and back to the corn starch. Prepare a frying pan and boil vegetable oil. Deep fry the chicken until golden brown. Take a side to reduce the oil content.

Now, prepare a mortar and pestle to crush the chilies, garlic, and salt. You can also do this process using a food processor. Now, heat vegetable oil until sizzling. Pour the hot vegetable oil onto the chili paste and gently stir it. The sambal is ready.

Serve the dish by putting the crispy fried chicken on the sambal. Smash or crush the crispy chicken with the pestle and mix it with the sambal. That’s it! You can eat the homemade Ayam Geprek with rice, tomato slices, and cucumber slices.

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The Difference between Ayam Penyet and Ayam Geprek

Ayam-Geprek-Difference-Penyet & Geprek

You will see the term Ayam Penyet and Ayam Geprek when visiting Indonesia? Do these dishes different or are both of them the same? In general, the recipe for these two dishes is the same. The package is also the same.

You are about to get a crispy fried chicken, sambal, rice, tomato slices, and cucumber slices when buying a portion of Ayam Penyet or Ayam Geprek. The difference between Ayam Penyet and Ayam Geprek is the pressure of the pestle when the sellers are crushing the chicken.

Geprek means that they gently smash the chicken. In this case, you can see the original shape of the chicken, but it becomes a bit flat. In contrast, Geprek means that the sellers hardly hit the crispy chicken with the pestle. You can’t see the original size and shape of the crispy chicken anymore. The chicken bones were even crushed in Ayam Geprek.

Tips to Order Ayam Geprek


Those who are ordering Ayam Geprek for the first time in Indonesia should consider these tips to get the right dish. For example, choose from the most popular restaurants or food stalls. Knowing this information is more straightforward with the help of a food delivery service.

Check the rating and review from customers before ordering the menu. You also need to know the packages and spicy levels. Certain brands often differentiate the spice of the sambal on several levels. The higher the level, the spicier the sambal.

Remember to prepare a glass of water or your favorite drink before eating this dish. The sambal is so hot sometimes. It makes you want to drink once you eat this dish. Wash your hands and eat this menu by hand. This eating method will make you feel the original sensation of enjoying Ayam Geprek.

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