Everything that You Need to Know about Incheon

Incheon is the fourth biggest city in Korea. It is located on the western side of Seoul, close to the Yellow Sea (or known as the East China Sea). Although you may see Seoul and Incheon to be connected, they have different local governments, jurisdictions, and also policymakers. Travelling from Incheon to Seoul is pretty easy. You only need to use the subway or the bus for 30 minutes to 60 minutes, and you have reached the downtown area of Seoul. There are many exciting things and places offered by the city, such as the plan for Incheon Twin Towers, the biggest international airport, and also its free economic zone. Incheon is a big city but it is not as crowded or noisy as Seoul – and the air is cleaner too!

Tourist Attraction in Incheon

Just like Seoul, you can find tons of interesting places in Incheon. From cultural and historical attractions to natural spots, you will never be bored when coming to Incheon. Historical structures are still well-preserved – perfect for history lovers.

Cultural Attraction in Incheon


chinatown incheon

You can find museums, restaurants, and pedestrian streets filled with Chinese decorations and characteristics. Feel free to visit Jung-an School, Korean-Chinese Cultural Center, Chinatown Paeru, or Euiseondang to learn about ancient Chinese people (and their lives)in Korea. Another plus point about the area is the fact that many restaurants are selling jjajangmyeon or the noodles with black bean sauce. It’s because the dish originated from the area. If you want to try the tasty dishes, go to Gonghwachun – you won’t regret it.

Korea Traditional Cultural Experience Center

Korea Traditional Cultural Experience Center

The spot is located in Incheon International Airports it is easy to reach. You can learn more about Korean culture. You can take part in the art performance, traditional craft workshop, or simply walk around the booths and exhibitions. Apart form that, you can easily find knot-tying accessories, lacquer, and ceramic.

Landing Operation Memorial Hall

landing operation memorial hall

The spot was built to honour the brave soldiers fighting for South Korea and led by General MacArthur back then in 1950. The Landing Operation was considered successful for both America and South Korea. The memorial hall displayed the uniforms, equipment, and weapons during the war.

Religious Attraction in Incheon

Jeondeungsa Temple

jeondeungsa incheon
  • The temple is situated in Samrangseong Fortress and it has been a religious spot for more than a thousand-year. The temple itself is grandeur with several impressive structures and buildings, like Yangheonsu Victory Monument, Beomjong Bell, or Daengbojeon as the main building. You can find many statues in Daengbojeon. The complex is surrounded lush greeneries with the colourful flowers and many trees.

Incheon Dapdong Cathedral

incheon dapdong cethedral
  • Cathedral was built in Incheon in 1886 because the city was the access port to Seoul. This is the main reason why the Cathedral was built there in the first place. Up until now, the place has remained one important religious spot for Catholic in Korea.

Bupyeong Mosque

Incheon Bupyeong Mosque

The mosque is located on the eastern end of Incheon, between the city and Seoul. It is close to Namdong Industrial Complex, which makes it a place of worship for Muslim people living in the area.

Explore Natural Wonders in Incheon

Songdo Central Park

  • the park is almost similar to the one in New York where a beautiful and lush park is surrounded by tall buildings and skyscrapers. It has this nice combination of natural and modern, and the place is refreshing when you want to wind up after a busy day. Yes, it is still located in the centre of the city, but it is nice to explore it. There are bistros, restaurants, cafes, lakes, water taxi, and bicycle path so you are free to have whatever you want.

Jayu Park

jayu park incheon
  • the park is big and wide, and the paths are nicely laid out in a very artistic manner. You can see the statue of General MacArthur as well as the observation area facing the port. The place is beautiful and peaceful.

Sorae Ecology Park

sorae ecology park
  • Ecological Park was once Korea’s largest salt field. It was created during the Japan colonial period and used until 1996. In May 2009, it was reopened as an ecological park. This park has the salt field, mudflat, and wetland as the bed of various living creatures and habitat for migratory birds. It enables observation of various marine creatures in the marsh. It also has an exhibition hall that presents the information on the facility where salt was produced in the past.

Entertainment and Recreation Places in Incheon

The Grand Park

the grand park incheon
  • is the biggest park in Incheon, covering around 727 acres of area. The area is surrounded by Sangassan Mountain and Gwanmosan Mountain – two giant mountains in the city. You can go hiking in summers or have a hill sledging in winters. The place is also home to several beautiful lakes, a kids’ zoo, a botanical garden, and the artificial turf playing grounds. Want to ride the bike? You can do it too!

Wolmido Island

wolmido island
  • prepared to free your schedule for one day because you will have a great trip. The place has a huge amusement park where you can enjoy Tagada Disco, Hyper Shoot Drop with its 70 meters height, Viking Ship, or Ferris Wheel with its 115-meter height. Feel free to explore Wolmi Traditional Park and explore the buildings, ponds, and beautiful gardens. It only takes 30 minutes by bus from Incheon Subway Station.


spasis incheon
  • to wind up in a relaxed atmosphere? Then you should head to Spaces, the biggest sauna and spa centre (jjimjilbang) in the city. They have various amazing facilities, including a fitness room, billiard room, cave rooms, kids’ room, computers, restaurants, a movie theatre, and swimming pools. Tired after exploring Incheon? Head here and you will be fully pampered from head to toe.

Eurwangni Beach


The white sandy beach isn’t far from Incheon International Airport. Most parents and their kids love coming here because of the view and the not-so-dangerous water for the kids. Feel free to enjoy the jet skis or the banana boats. Want to enjoy the sunset? This is your go-to place. This is also a perfect spot for astronomical observation as you can freely see galaxies (if you have a strong telescope) and stars.

Taste of Korean Culinary

Korean culinary is different from other places. They are tasty and unique, and you can find various options for healthy menu and foods.

Incheon Cuisine or the Street Food

Tteokbokki or Spicy Rice Cake

incheon food spicy rice cake

The dish is made from a combination of veggies, fish cakes, soft and glutinous rice cake that is served with gochujang or a thick chilli sauce. It is mildly sweet with a bit of spiciness. The texture is chewy. You can find variants of seafood, cream, curry, or cheese topping.



It has the taste of sweet, sour, and spicy. It isn’t only healthy but it can also help with your digestion.

Haemul Pa Jeon of the Green and Seafood Onion Pancake

haemul pa jeon

The texture is like a pancake with tons of seafood and green peppers, delivering rich and tasty flavour. Since it is packed in protein, calcium, and minerals, it is also healthy.

Most Popular Restaurant in Incheon

Buam Galbi

buam galbi incheon

This is a popular barbecue restaurant that is offering succulent hanwoo and pork belly dishes. Wrap the meat with cabbage and enjoy!

Liquor Burger

liquor burger

They have various burger variants and menus and each of them has their signature style. The place offers beers, live music, and darts.

Shopping Souvenirs

There are many cute souvenirs that you can buy during your trip to Incheon so you won’t have to hurt your wallet.

Incheon Souvenirs

Hand Mirrors

hand mirrors
  • are well adorned with cute images. Each is usually sold at 3,000 won.


chopsticks incheon
  • are usually very cute and artistic in design, perfect for collections. You can buy one for 1,000 won


  • socks are good in quality and they have super cute designs and colours. A pair would cost you 1,000 won.

Shopping Place in Incheon

Triple Street

incheon triple street
  • only you can find many items like clothes or shoes, but you can also find a lot of different Korean street foods while cruising down the street.

Hyundai Premium Outlets Songdo

hyundai premium outlets
  • place has a beautiful interior and upscale vibe. They are mostly offering items below the retail price.

Incheon Market or Night Market

Sinpo Dong International Market

sinpo dong

One of the reasons why this market is so popular is because of age. In the 19th century, Sinpo-dong is the place for an international trading port. Slowly, a market started to create and it has existed up until now. If you are looking for tasty and unique Korean street food, this would be the perfect spot to do it. You can find the kimbap (the rice roll), dakgangjeong (or the deep-fried-chicken), kimchi (the fermented cabbage), and tteokbokki (the popular spicy rice cake). Dakgangjeong is mostly popular because of the combination of super crispy skin and the juicy and tender meat.

Good Market

This is the biggest flea spot in the area where you can find antiques, daily essentials, clothes, and even unique items like knitting machines and boxing gloves. No need to worry about the quality of the items – they are mostly in good condition. The place is also big so you can freely explore it around.



incheon train

The railway’s system in Incheon is pretty good, able to connect cities to deliver easy and convenient travel. It is also efficient and affordable. There are different railway systems, such as:

  • Commute service with the cheapest service. It doesn’t have reserved seating and it stops at most designated stops
  • Mugunghwa-ho service. This is quite popular, offering reserved and also unreserved seats.
  • Saemul-ho service has the most comfortable and convenient seats. It has the fewest stops

There is also a high-speed train with two lines: Honam Line and Gyeongbu Line. The fares are most expensive with route from Yongsan to Mokpo at 38,000 Won and from Seoul to Busan at 44,800 Won.


subway incheon

The subway systems are available in four big cities in Korea, including Incheon, Daegu, Busan, and Seoul. It is one of the most convenient and efficient public transportation to use in Korea.


incheon buses

There are several bus services in Incheon. The regional service covers High speed (Gosok) service that operates long-distance and makes fewer stops. And there is Shee Way or Shioe that is slower and operates short distance and make more stops.

The local service covers Seat or Jwaseok where you need to buy a ticket to get you the seat. It is more comfortable, so it is costlier. Standees aren’t allowed in it. Then there is Regular or Ilban that is cheaper but has less comfortable seats. Standees are permitted here.



The taxi is pretty inexpensive although you may have to spend extra when compared to other means of transportation. There are different taxi services, offering the Regular and Deluxe service.


Incheon International Airport

Incheon International Airport

Incheon has two main terminals and each of them has their Departure and Arrival Hall.

Terminal 1

It is the oldest one with many airlines, such as Royal Brunei Airlines, Scoot, Saudia, Shandong Airlines, Singapore Airlines, Thai Airways International, and Thai AirAsia X. To get the complete lists, you need to check the official website.

Terminal 2

It is the newest terminal with eco-friendly and modern facilities. It has a Transit Hotel. The airlines operating in this terminal are Air Serbia, Air Tahiti Nui, All Nippon Airways, American Airlines, Austrian Airlines, British Airways, and many more.

How to Go to Seoul from Incheon

There are many ways to travel from Incheon to Seoul. You can use the subway and the train – it is the most convenient way to travel between the two cities. The longest time is around 66 minutes. You can also use the bus although it may not be as comfortable as the train. Taxi is also possible although you will have to spend a lot of money.

Travelling to Incheon can be fun and exciting. As long as you cover the basic items, you are good to go. Don’t forget to book your flights and choose the airline with airpaz.com.


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