Know the Golden Gate Bridge, a Unique Icon of the City of San Francisco

From the first time it became the most renowned landmark in San Francisco in America, Golden Gate doesn’t seem to lose its charm. Thousands of people come and go on it, but they never seem to get bored with it. Well, that’s how to simply describe the charm that this bridge has. If you are currently having this bridge in your travel bucket list, check out this information below to get acquainted with the majestic view of the bridge.

Golden Gate Facts Visitor’s Guide

golden gate
Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco

Before visiting the landmark, that will be great if you learn even a glimpse about it. So, here is the basic knowledge you’d love to know about this bridge.

What it connects and a glimpse of its history

golden gate
Golden Gate Bridge construction began in 1933 to 1937 and become a landmark for two states in

Since we are talking about bridges, it would make sense if we know what places the bridge connects. In terms of Golden Gate, the structure is connecting two counties, which are San Francisco and Marin County—both counties in California.

The bridge construction was started in 1933 and then finished four years later in 1937. The bridge was opened in the same year and not only it become a connecting landmark for two states, it became one of the most renowned tourist spots in the United States as well.

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The details of the bridge

golden gate bridge

Talking about the bridge’s details, the bridge stretches around 1.7 miles long and its width is 90 feet wide. Regarding its tower, the height is 746 feet with the span of both towers measured at 4,200 feet.

Given that outstanding structure, this bridge had successfully withstood the quake of Loma Prieta at 1989. Interestingly, the Golden Gate Bridge has been closed only thrice since its construction due to bad weather.

With all that said, it makes no wonder that the landmark is considered as one of the engineering wonders in the modern world.

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How to Get There

how to get there 1

For tourists, one of the most paramount questions to answer is how to go to the landmark itself. To get to the bridge, the first thing you should have in mind is to reach San Francisco. You can have direct flights to this city, then take another public transportation to reach the site.

As you reach downtown San Francisco, you can take the lines or downtown shuttle to go to this bridge. Find information in the official municipal transportation agency of San Francisco or the official site of Golden Gate itself.


Attractions 1
Golden Gate Bridge at Night

The first thing in mind when you reach the bridge is of course taking photos of its magnificent view. Yes, you’re right—the bridge itself offers a one-of-its-kind view you will find in no other places. However, that is not the only attraction the bridge has.

Various tourist agents provide trips around the gigantic bridge. To mention some, there are guided bike tour from the gigantic Golden Gate to Sausalito, “Golden Gate Bridge and the Beach” tour, to a more comprehensive tour which will take you to a broader area of San Francisco: from Golden Gate, Bay Cruise, Chinatown, and Fisherman’s Wharf. Each tour costs less than $100.

Let’s say, you are taking the guided bike tour. The details of the guided bike tour will be as follows:

– The tour is for around 3 hours
– The route is from Golden Gate Bridge to Sausalito
– Included amenities are bike rental (available for 24 hours)—including a handlebar bag and a gear rack, city map, and safety helmet.
– What are not included in the tour package are food and beverages, ferry tickets, as well as entry fees to get into attractions and/or venues.
– The bike is only available for tourists aged 13+ (11 and 12 are permitted to ride as long as they get permission from their parents/guardians).
– Itinerary:
o The starting point is from Fisherman’s Wharf. This is the place where you can see the famous sea lions.
o Then, you will bike across the bridge. You can take a moment to do selfies or taking some fabled panoramic photos.
o The trip will be continued by cruising downhill to Sausalito where you can admire a magnificent rocky coastal view.
– The price of the tour is around $45 but note that the price may change depending on various things.

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When to Visit

When to visit 1

Well, the Golden Gate Bridge can basically be visited in all seasons and all time. However, to help you get the best catch of panoramic view, it would be better if you visit the spot on a bright day—no matter what time of the day it is.
Now that you have learned about Golden Gate Bridge and some attractions to consider, it’s time to prepare for thorough fun. The first thing to prepare is flights and accommodation. To maximize your experience while enjoying San Francisco, you can maximize your saving from purchasing plane tickets and accommodation.

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