Beauty of Sentani Lake in Papua

Sentani Lake, when compared to Toba Lake in North Sumatra, may not be that prominent. However, it doesn’t mean the former lake is less beautiful than the other. Situated on the exotic island of Papua, this close-to-airport large lake won’t turn you down. You will have lots of activities to do while taking a holiday there. Find out below for more information.

Sentani Lake, One of the Largest Lakes in Papua


Sentani is just one among many underrated tourist attractions in Indonesia. This lake, which happens to be in Ebungfa, Jayapura Regency, Papua—should not be given one eye just because its location is far from the country’s center.

With a vast area of 104 square km and a maximum depth of 52 m, Sentani lake can be found under the slope of Cyclops mountains, which is a national natural preserve area in the northern part of Papua. So, what can you find in this tourist spot?

A majestic view within a reach


Do you want to visit an easy-to-access tourism spot? Lake Sentani is one of the easiest spots to visit in Papua. Why so? It turns out that the magnificent lake is just 15 minute-drive from Sentani Airport (now Dortheys Hiyo Eluay Airport). Hence, dwell no longer about the long trek to reach a difficult-to-access hidden gem: Sentani understands you well.

A vast lake on a relatively low altitude


Unlike Paniai lake which is located at such a high altitude—1.700+ m asl, Sentani Papua seems more “low-key”, especially for its altitude. This lake is located on 73 m asl, making it as one of the lakes with low altitude in Indonesia.

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Incomparable view


Nothing would compare to the view you get in Lake Sentani. Vast area with peaceful surroundings and greens here and there, it seems magical to know that Sentani is just a few kilometers away from the bustling airport. The water is clear, and upon the water, you can see many locals’ houses are built upon supporting woods.

The houses may not be lavish. However, imagine this scene in mind: you wake up in the morning, opening the back door, and voila: you got the serene view. Definitely a great ‘breakfast’ for a whole day.

Mini ‘archipelago’


While Indonesia itself is an archipelago, you can see a mini ‘archipelago’ if you take an aerial view of Sentani. Sources mentioned that the lake has 21 small islands which are green and hilly when looked from above. The scene will remind you of Padar Island in Labuan Bajo, minus the fact that it is a lake, not a sea.

Yearly cultural event


If you admire the culture of Papua, you can also come to Sentani Lake for the cultural event which is typically be held around June. During this festivity, you can see various cultural events, starting from Ondoafi traditional ceremony, dances being held, and even Papuan indigenous food ‘party’.

A great spot for photography enthusiasts


Be it landscape photography or human interest, you can find various objects of photography in this lake. Given the natural attraction is so amazing, make sure to prepare lots of empty memory spaces to save your photos.

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How to Get There

To reach Sentani Lake, the closest airport to the site is Dortheys Hiyo Eluay Airport or one known as Sentani Airport. This airport is reachable from many major cities in Indonesia and there are various airlines serving flights to go to Jayapura. To mention some, you can go from Jakarta, Surabaya, or Makassar.

The flights offered can be direct or require one-time transit. But mostly, flights from Java Island require transit either in Surabaya or Makassar. It is recommended to book your flight long before you leave for the city since the one-trip price can be overwhelming for some people.

Once you reach the airport, you can take local public transportation, such as minibusses to reach the site. As said earlier, you don’t need a long trip to visit Sentani lake. From the airport, you need only to prepare 15 minutes or even less.

As for the accommodation, you can get better choices of hotels if you are looking for it in the center of Jayapura, around 40 km from the lake. There are several accommodations near the site, but for more lavish space you should consider finding Of course, that would be better if you book your hotel room before D-day. That will help to reduce your accommodation cost.

Danau Sentani is best when visited around June. As mentioned earlier, in June there will be a cultural event held in the surrounding area. Aside from that, by visiting it in June, the chance of getting a clear sky is higher—this is because Indonesia is having a dry season on that month.

So, what do you think about a trip to Sentani lake? If you want to come here, make sure you book your flight and hotel long before the trip. comes as your best partner when it comes to finding the best flight deals and best hotel room deals. Purchasing via Airpaz Apps too can be the alternative to make your dream of having a trip to Papua comes true.


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